About Company

Welcome to Lawan Private Loan’s official website, we are a financial institution devoted to helping you reach the goals you aspire to live. At Lawan Private Loans, we have specially designed a platform that ensures that your financial challenges are gradually resolved, putting YOU on a path to financial freedom.

we understand the dynamics of money in the world. We know the real-life challenges faced by millions of people under banked individuals and businesses. We don’t just rely on institutional data; we have the real and functional understanding of people and small business and their challenges.

Our Loan Process is very simple and fast, but highly effective and efficient. At the center of our belief is that credible individuals and businesses should not be denied critical financial credits due to institutional bureaucracies, lack of innovation and ability to meet this simple need. At the core of our service and technology are Credibility, Simplicity, Transparency, Financial Responsibility, Trust, and Speed.


Our Choose Us

Our Lending & Finance 80%
Integrity 90%
Commitment 80%
Social Responsibility 100%
Promptness 75%

Our Vision

To become the leading financial services provider wherever we.

Our Mission

To be passionately and prompt meet our client’s needs with a professional and flexible touch, creating value for clients and business.

Our Values

  • Integrity
  • Professionalism
  • Trust
  • Social Responsibility
  • Resilience.


  • At no point in time should you make any loan repayments to an agent’s personal account
  • All payment should be made directly to Lawan Private Loans
  • To any of the account numbers, Lawan Private Loans will provide
  • Whether affiliated to Lawan Private Loans Company?
  • For more information or contact us via mail: lawanprivateloans@gmail.com